John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


Commemoration of any School Corporation facility by means of a plaque, naming a facility for a person, or some similar recognition is a significant honor. Such recognition by the Board shall be made upon thoughtful consideration of any such nominations and/or recommendations provided, and based upon the significant contribution to the enhancement of education in general, to the Corporation in particular, or the overall well-being of the Corporation, community, State, or nation.

Commemoration by the Corporation may include posting of a plaque, dedication of a seat, collection, or section of a school or facility (auditorium, library/resource center, etc.), proclamation, naming of a specific "annual" activity or tournament, the naming of a facility, or other such recognition.

A facility may be named for an individual if the following conditions apply:

 A.The facility has not been named for any other individual.

 B.The current name does not have any historical significance.

 C.The facility is new or substantially renovated or, if existing, there is a substantial tie or association with the person to be honored.

The following shall be considered examples justifying the naming of facilities:

 A.The individual has made a sizeable contribution toward the development/construction of the facility.

 B.The individual has provided general long-term support for the Corporation.

 C.The individual has gained national prominence which in turn creates a positive image for the Corporation.

 D.It is largely through the effort of the individual that the facility exists through extensive volunteer efforts, fund-raising, etc. of the person.

The following additional circumstances should be considered regarding the naming of any facility:

 A.The naming of the facility is a fitting memorial for the individual.

 B.The fame of the individual is not faddish.

 C.Citizens of the Corporation will recognize the individual after such facility is named.

Nominations for such recognition shall be submitted in writing to the Superintendent and shall contain the following information: of the nominee

 B.relationship/contribution of the nominee to the School Corporation

 C.detailed explanation of the reasons warranting such consideration

 D.specific action/commemoration requested on behalf of the nominee information of nominator

The Board shall consider nominations/recommendations it receives in the context of the impact of the individual so nominated/recommended and the magnitude and long-term impact of such commemoration.

Approved 5/9/08