John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


When completing a purchase order request, please use whichever of the following procedures is appropriate.

A. Normal Purchase Orders

Complete all areas of purchase order


** Date

Use date this order is submitted.


** No Back Orders

Many companies will not ship back orders unless indicated on the purchase order. Many times money is tied up for months waiting for a back order shipment which is never going to arrive.


** Delivery Required By



** Ship Via

UPS/Truck (Other must be approved)


** Priced Per

This helps the supplier know the origin of the pricing information, e.g. from their most recent, an estimated price, or a direct quote from a representative.


** Ship to Address

Provide school or department and complete address.


** Vendor

Complete Vendor Name, Address, City, State, and Zip. Please do not abbreviate.


** Person Requesting

Name of person or department will help both in the building when the order is received.


** Account Number

Account Number to be charged -- the purchase order will be returned if the account number does not appear.


** Quantity


** Unit of Measure

Indicate -- each, dozen, etc.


** Stock Number

Number from vendor catalogs. This helps the vendor identify what is being ordered and when checking in items on delivery.


** Description

A complete description must be given for the item(s) being ordered. This will be helpful when checking the order in to make sure that what is received is what was ordered. This information is also needed for the auditors for checking records and ascertaining that what was ordered is what was actually received.


** Unit Price

Price per each, dozen, etc.


** Total Price

Unit price x number ordered -- total extended. Please check your mathematics.


** Total Price - bottom

Total price of all items on purchase order - even if only one item, bring total down column to bottom of form.


** Administrator Signature

PO will be returned without appropriate signature of authorization.


Requisitions are entered on the office computer and a copy is sent to the Treasurer. Upon approval of the Treasurer and the Superintendent, a purchase order number will be assigned and a copy sent to the vendor.


When the order is shipped and completed, the school will:

1. Keep the blue copy of purchase order. This is your proof that you completed the purchase order.

  2.Send signed pink copy of the purchase order with any attachments that must accompany the purchase order to Accounts Payable.


4. Check all orders immediately when delivered. Most companies only allow fifteen (15) - thirty (30) days to make exchanges or corrections on order discrepancies.

 B.Telephone Orders to Vendors - Emergency Only


** PO Number

Call the treasurer to obtain approval and purchase order number.


Call vendor and place order, indicate that order MUST BE delivered to the indicated building. Requisition should be submitted immediately after order is placed and sent to the Treasurer.


Type all areas of the purchase order as indicated for normal purchase orders.



Please type on middle of purchase order form: CONFIRMING TELEPHONE ORDER (name of the person contacted and date)




Failure to put this on the purchase order form will result in a duplication of the order.

C. Purchase order for Preview of Materials

Normal procedure for preparing a purchase order is to be followed clearly state on the purchase order "Materials for Preview Only".

Important Note:

If items are to be returned, please inform Accounts Payable by indicating such on the copy of the purchase order and Form 6320 B2.