John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


The School Board has authorized a cost-savings reduction program which makes it possible for a staff member or group of staff members to receive an award for certain suggestions as to how the Corporation or any of its schools or departments can make effective cost reductions.


The following criteria must be met before a suggestion will be considered:

 A.the suggested cost-savings are a recommendation of one or more full or part-time members of the professional or support staff

 B.the quality of current services to students and the community would not be weakened

 C.implementing the recommendation would not create negative side effects for students, staff, the Corporation, or the community

 D.the proposed recommendation contains all pertinent elements described in AG 2250 - Innovative Programs

 E.any on-duty time needed to develop a recommendation must be approved by the Superintendent before paid time is spent on the idea

 F.any testing of the suggestion by staff is approved by the Superintendent prior to the testing

Recommendation Procedure

Each suggestion or proposal is to be submitted, in writing, to the Superintendent who will review the idea and either send it back to the staff member(s) for clarification and/or further development or submit it to the Superintendent with his/her comments. The Superintendent shall make the final decision concerning the implementation of the idea and recommend to the Board any award that is to be given to the staff member or team of staff members.


The granting of an award for a cost-reduction recommendation shall be made as follows:

 A.The recommendation must have been implemented for a period of time long enough to ensure that the projected cost-savings can be realized on a continuing basis and that no significant side effects have developed which negatively impact other areas of the budget.

 B.The recommended award must have been reviewed and authorized by the Board.