John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


Only staff members listed on State Form 30813 - Issuing Officer Approval Form shall serve as issuing officers for providing students with employment certificates in accordance with I.C. 20-8.1-4.

The Revised Code states the following:
 A.All single or married minors, fourteen (14) through seventeen (17), who have not graduated from high school or been legally emancipated, are required to have an employment certificate to be employed in Indiana.

 B.A student who is under eighteen (18) and in grades 9 - 12 may work until 11:30 PM on nights followed by a school day. Exceptions must be granted by the issuing officer but work beyond 11:30 PM on nights followed by a school day may not exceed two (2) per week. No minor student may work after 7:30 AM or before 3:30 PM without the written permission of his/her school. None of the above restrictions apply to a student who is a dropout, or has been suspended or expelled, but they must have an employment certificate.

 C.A student's employment certificate may be revoked by the issuing officer if there has been a significant decrease in the student's attendance or grade-point average and may be re-issued if there has been a significant improvement in his/her attendance or grade-point average.

 D.Students whose work is predominantly baby-sitting shall be required to abide by the same conditions as those who are issued certificates.

A student whose certificate is revoked has the right to a one-time review of his/her academic status during a school year as well as the right to appeal to his/her principal a denial of a certificate, a revocation, or a refusal to reissue.

The issuing officer is to send a written notice of revocation to the student's employer immediately upon revocation.

The Department of Labor should be informed when a student is issued a certificate and of any change in his/her employability status.

Although many students have a need to work after school and in the evening, these activities can have significant effects on their ability to function effectively during the school day and garner the most from the school program. All members of the professional staff need to be alert to students who may be over-extending themselves because of too much work and not enough rest.

If the student fails to attend an exit interview or fails to return to school if his/her request to withdraw in accordance with Policy 5130 is denied, then the work permit and driver's license shall be revoked or the application shall be denied.

Revised 10/05