John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


The Board of Education in its Policy 5880 has recognized the value to students, the School Corporation, and the community of students sharing their talents and skills with the community through participation and performances in public events.

General Guidelines

 A.Staff members in charge of student groups who wish to perform out of the Corporation at local events as an integral part of the instructional program shall submit the plan to the principal for approval. If the performance involves an overnight or extended trip, the request shall be submitted to the Superintendent by the principal in accord with AG 2340.
  The plan for local performances should indicate the following information requested in the Student Performance Report Form 5880 F1: submitted organization


  4.sponsoring organization

  5.location of the performance

  6.purpose of the performance

  7.fee (if any) and reimbursement costs

  8.estimated loss of instructional time

  9.benefits to the students, the student organizations, and the Corporation


This guideline will also apply to students in art education, industrial arts, or other programs where students are requested to exhibit works at locations outside the Corporation.

 B.Priority will always be given to Corporation-related performances. Noncorporation performances have priority in the following order: the local School Corporation's community, other nearby school corporations, and communities outside the Corporation.

 C.When public performances are scheduled as a regular part of a course of study taken for credit, students shall be informed in advance of the obligation to participate and will be excused from participation only in accordance with the rules and administrative guidelines governing school attendance.

 D.When a request for public performance is not part of the regular program, all students who are members of the group invited to perform are polled for their willingness to do so and no request for a performance be granted unless the faculty advisor believes a sufficient number will participate to represent the school fairly and will acquire a valuable learning experience.

 E.No student, group of students, or employees of this Board may receive personal compensation for the performance in public of students organized for a school activity but may collect a donation to an approved student activity fund.

 F.All noncorporation performances shall be under the supervision of the professional staff of the Corporation.

 G.Requests for use of a student organization in noncorporation activities must be made at least seven (7) days in advance of the scheduled event, unless specifically exempted by the principal.

 H.All costs and expenses directly associated with the performance shall be borne by the sponsoring organizations other than transportation.

 I.No noncorporation, noncurricular-related activity should involve extensive rehearsals or loss of school time.

 J.No performance is to be used to promote competitive goods or services; commercial implications, if present, must not be more than incidental.

 K.Participation in noncorporation activities where admission fees are charged is allowable only if the proceeds are for charitable, educational, or civic purposes.