John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


The objectives of school publications/productions in general are to:

 A.communicate to those who are actively interested in the school - the students, the teachers, the parents, the administration, the alumni, and other members of the school community;

 B.provide vehicles for the expression of student thought and action and to act as catalysts for helping students realize goals and objectives;

 C.create a wholesome school spirit and to support the best traditions of the school;

 D.promote and encourage school-sponsored activities;

 E.provide training in useful and purposeful writing, speaking, artwork, photography, and layout;

 F.create a desire for the best forms of journalism or theatrical production, both in and out of school;

 G.record in permanent form the history of the school;

 H.promote cooperation among taxpayers, parents, the school, and its students.

In implementing Board Policy 5722, the following guidelines will be applicable:

 A.Excellence in writing and/or speaking will be sought and the ethics of responsible journalism and/or literary merit will determine what will be produced. Presentation of facts or ideas is to be based on careful research.

 B.Students shall have the right to express their views and attitudes on all issues with the proviso that the tenor of the statements shall not encourage disruption of normal educational processes.

 C.Language, pictures, music, or symbols that are obscene, libelous, or offensive to good taste are prohibited.

 D.Constructive criticism of the school, the Corporation, other institutions, and/or social groups or practices is encouraged.

 E.A by-line shall accompany every printed article, story, or presentation and only signed letters will be printed in school publications.

 F.School publications/productions shall not endorse any candidate for public office or take a political stand on any issue.

 G.Advertisements shall reflect the spirit of these guidelines. Advertisements shall not be accepted that encourage or advocate violence or disregard of the law; promote the sale of any substance the use of which is prohibited, such as drugs and alcohol; any paraphernalia associated with sex or drugs; any item that would be offensive to a significant minority or the majority of the community; or items not in keeping with school purposes.

 H.All material to be printed or produced is subject to review by the advisors and/or principal. Those who are denied approval for inclusion of materials in school publications/productions may appeal to the principal, whose decision will be final.

The duties of the faculty advisor and assistant advisors shall be to:

 A.serve in a liaison capacity between the staffs of the publications and the faculty and administration;

 B.establish criteria and standards by which students can assess the quality of their production and their techniques;

 C.instruct members of the publication or production staffs in proper journalistic, literary, and theatrical techniques;

 D.advise, suggest, and edit when necessary;

 E.interpret the foregoing guidelines.