John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


Board Policy 5630 permits corporal punishment of students which it defines as the intentional infliction of mild temporary physical discomfort on a student for the purpose of addressing misconduct. Corporal punishment shall only be administered by an administrator.

A staff member may request that a student receive corporal punishment from an administrator, and the administrator receiving the request shall independently evaluate the facts provided by the staff member making the request. The principal of the school the student attends or an administrator designated by the principal of the school the student attends may administer corporal punishment under the following conditions:



Other students shall not be present and corporal punishment shall not be administered in a place where privacy cannot be assured.



Corporal punishment shall not be administered spontaneously or in anger.



The administrator administering corporal punishment shall review the studentís cumulative record to determine if the student has any physical or mental conditions that make corporal punishment inadvisable.

The objection of a studentís parent/guardian to a student receiving corporal punishment shall be honored, and an alternative penalty proportionate to the offense shall be implemented.

Approved 9/17/13

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