John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


To be graduated from high school, a student shall attend at least seven (7) semesters in grades 9 through 12.

The Board may adopt procedures waiving the seven (7) semester requirement if:

 A.failure to waive the requirement would effectively prevent the student from graduating from high school;

 B.the student likely would have qualified for a gifted and talented education program waiver had it been available, and:

  1.the waiver is for the purpose of enrolling in an accredited postsecondary educational institution, and the student has been accepted for enrollment;

  2.the waiver is for the purpose of furthering the studentís education through military enlistment and the student has an enlistment contract that contains an educational component.

A decision of the high school to deny a request for a waiver may be appealed to the Superintendent and a decision of the Superintendent to deny the request for a waiver may be appealed to the Board.

Local decisions on requests for waivers shall be documented.

511 I.A.C. 6-7-4

Approved 11/5/02