John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


In the event of a student accident or illness, staff members shall:

 A.if properly trained, administer first aid; the accident to the appropriate administrator;

 C.summon professional medical assistance, if needed;

 D.notify the parents as soon as possible by telephone or written notice; parents immediately if the accident indicates professional medical care is required;

 F.record on the Student Accident Form 5340 F1, as soon as possible, all pertinent facts concerning the accident and submit it to the principal's office.

School personnel shall not diagnose illness or administer medication of any kind except in accordance with AG 5330.

Records are to be kept on all injuries requiring medical attention which occur while students are on school property, in school buildings, on the way to or from school, or at school-sponsored activities.

Each principal shall prepare in-building procedures for dealing with illness at school which ensure prompt attention to the child and proper communication with the parents.