John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


A diabetes management and treatment plan must be prepared and implemented for a student with diabetes for use during school hours or at a school-related event or activity. An individualized health plan shall be developed and shall incorporate the components of the student's management and treatment plan.

The principal at each school in which a student with diabetes is enrolled, after consultation with the school nurse, shall: school employees to serve as volunteer health aides; and

 B.make efforts to provide that the school has an adequate number of volunteer health aides to care for the students.

A volunteer health aide, while providing health care services, serves under the supervision and authorization of the principal and the school nurse. A volunteer health aide must have access to the school nurse, in person or by telephone, during the hours that the volunteer serves as a health aide.

A school employee may not be subject to any disciplinary action for refusing to serve as a volunteer health aide. The principal shall inform school employees that participation as a health aide is voluntary. A school employee who volunteers as a health aide may elect to perform only those functions that the school employee chooses to perform and is trained to perform.

The school nurse shall coordinate the training of school employees serving as volunteer health aides and the record keeping and monitoring of the volunteer health aides.

Training for volunteer health aides must be provided by a health care professional with expertise in the care of individuals with diabetes or by the school nurse. The training must be provided before the beginning of the school year or as soon as practicable following the enrollment or the diagnosis of a student with diabetes at the school.

The school nurse shall maintain a copy of the training program and the records of training completed by school employees.

The school nurse shall perform the tasks necessary to assist a student in carrying out the student's individualized health plan. When necessary, a volunteer health aide may perform the tasks necessary to assist a student in carrying out the student's individualized health plan.

A volunteer health aide may act only if the parent/legal guardian of the student signs an agreement that:

 A.authorizes a volunteer health aide to assist the student; and

 B.states that the parent/legal guardian understands that a volunteer health aide is not liable for civil damages for assisting in the student's care.

A volunteer health aide who assists a student is not considered to be engaged in the practice of nursing, and is exempt from applicable laws and rules that restrict activities that may be performed by an individual who is not an individual licensed or authorized to provide health care services.

The School Corporation shall not restrict the assignment of a student to a particular school on the sole basis of whether the school has volunteer health aides.

Except in an emergency, the school shall allow the student to attend to the management and care of his/her diabetes, as provided in the individualized health plan, if the student has been evaluated and determined to be capable of doing so, as reflected in the diabetes management and treatment plan. Management and care activities may include:

 A.performing blood glucose level checks;

 B.administering insulin through the insulin delivery system the student uses;

 C.treating hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia;

 D.possessing on the student's person at anytime the supplies or equipment necessary to monitor and care for the student's diabetes;

 E.otherwise attending to the management and care of the student's diabetes in the classroom, in any area of the school or school grounds, or at any school-related activity or event.

The school nurse shall establish a procedure through which a student is cared for in an emergency.

The school shall provide the individual who is responsible for providing transportation for or supervising a student with diabetes during an off-campus school-related activity an information sheet that:

 A.identifies the student with diabetes;

 B.identifies potential emergencies that may occur as a result of the diabetes and appropriate responses to an emergency; and

 C.provides the telephone number of a contact in case an emergency occurs.

I.C. 20-34-5

Approved 10/30/07