John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


School Board policy requires that the following guidelines be followed for early dismissal of any student.

 A.Only principals may release a student from school before the end of the school day.

 B.Principals may release students before the end of a school day only upon presentation of a request from the child's parent or for emergency reasons.

 C.Requests for early dismissal should be submitted to the principal as early in the school day as possible.

 D.Students may be released only to a parent or to a properly-identified person authorized to act on their behalf.

 E.A student may be released "on his/her own" only with verified parental permission.

 F.When a parent telephones a request that a child be released early from school, the identity of the caller and any custodial arrangements should be confirmed before the child is permitted to leave. If the parent is calling from home, the school can verify the request by a return telephone call. In the event the telephone call is not being made from the child's residence, the caller should be asked detailed questions about the child. These questions might include the child's date of birth, the courses s/he is studying, names of teachers and classmates, and similar facts which should be known to his/her parents.

 G.Bus drivers shall be notified when students will not be riding the bus due to early dismissal.

 H.Whenever a student travels from his/her school to another school for lessons or to clinics, etc., during school hours, signed permission must be obtained from the parent before such trips are approved by the principal.