John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


Each school should make a concerted effort to assist in identifying missing children using the following guidelines.

 A.Student absence:
  A parent must notify the school by 9:00 a.m. on the day a student is to be absent unless previous notification has been given in accordance with school procedure for reporting absences. If such notification is not received, the principal should notify by telephone or in writing the student's parents, guardian, or legal custodian of a child's absence. The parent is responsible for providing the school with current home and/or work telephone numbers and to notify the school of any change in the above information.

 B.Attendance by Periods
  Student attendance is to be recorded during each class period for Middle and High School students by classroom teachers to ascertain the absence of students.
  Elementary student attendance is to be taken both in the morning.

 C.Missing child investigations:
  School personnel are required by law to provide law enforcement officials access to a student's record when conducting a missing child investigation, providing they have proper authorization from the parents.

 D.Pictures for identification:
  Corporation personnel, authorized to enter into contracts for the taking of student pictures, will request the photographer to provide, free of cost to the school, a photograph of each student for identification purposes in school records.

 E.Enrollment of new students:
  A student seeking entry into a Corporation school must comply with admission requirements specified in AG 5111.
  Upon entry, the principal should send a request, in writing, to the sending school as soon as possible. If the records are not received within two (2) weeks, the principal shall call the school. If the sending school indicates no history of the student attending that school, the principal shall contact the local police, who, in turn, shall notify the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Revised 4/17/07