John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines
Table of Contents

5110Student Handbooks
5111Admission to the Corporation
5111.01Homeless Students
5111.02Educational Opportunity for Military Children
5112aAdmission to Kindergarten
5112bYoung Kindergarten Programs
5112cAppeal for Early Entrance to Kindergarten or First Grade
5113.02School Choice Options Provided by the No Child Left Behind Act
5114Student and Exchange Visitor Program
5114aForeign Students on Visa (I-20)
5120Assignment of Students to Schools, Classes, Grades, and Programs Within the School District
5130Withdrawal from School
5136Personal Communication Devices
5200Student Attendance
5215Missing Children
5230Early Dismissal
5320Immunization of Students in School
5330Use of Medications
5330.02Care of Students With Diabetes
5330aEmergency Medication
5340aStudent Accident/Illness
5340bHealth Emergencies and First Aid Care
5340dTransportation for Ill or Injured Students
5340.01Student Concussions
5350Suicide Intervention Process
5360Recess Guideline for Harsh Weather
5360bGuidelines for Preventing Heat-Related Problems
5410Promotion, Placement, and Retention
5420aReporting Student Progress
5420bParent-Teacher Conferences
5421bGrading Criteria
5430Class Rank
5451aRecognition of Student Achievement
5451bAthletic Award Requirements
5460Graduation Requirements
5460aGraduation Examination
5460bCore 40 Opt-out Process
5460.01Semester Requirements for Graduation from High School
5463Admission of Students from Nonaccredited Schools
5500aStudent Conduct in School
5511Dress and Grooming
5513Care of Property
5514Use of Motor Vehicles
5514aOperation of Vehicles on School Property
5530Symptoms of Overdose with Drugs
5530aGlue Sniffing
5531Student Assistance Programs
5540aRelationship with Governmental Agencies
5540bStudent Disorder
5600aStudent Discipline
5605aDisciplining Special Education Students
5605bDisciplining a Section 504 Student
5610Suspension and Expulsion
5610.02In-School Discipline
5611Due Process
5630aAlternatives to Corporal Punishment
5630bUse of Physical Force
5630cCorporal Punishment
5630.01Use of Seclusion and Restraint with Students
5710Suggestions and Complaints
5722School Publications/Productions
5723Student Rights of Expression
5771Search and Seizure
5780Adult Student Rights
5820Student Government
5830Student Fundraising
5850Student Social Events
5880Public Performances by Students
5895Student Employment