John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


Evaluations of the support staff members shall, when applicable, comply with provisions of a collectively-bargained, negotiated agreement. In all cases, evaluations should meet the following conditions:

 A.Evaluations are conducted after ninety (90) days of employment for new staff members annually on or before December 1st for all other staff members.

 B.Job objectives are clearly stated, are complete and accurate in content, are agreed upon by the evaluator and evaluatee, and are divided into the following categories:

  1.expected/desired results (what is to be accomplished)

  2.expected/desired actions (how something is to be done)

  3.expected/desired attitudes (willingness to act in a particular manner)

 C.Factors hindering achievement of job objectives are clearly-defined and agreed upon by the evaluator and evaluatee.

 D.Evaluation procedures are established and mutually agreed-upon, and which ensure that the same process is used for similar positions and the confidentiality of the staff member is protected.


The evaluation shall be conducted and recorded in accordance with Form 4220 F1.