John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines



The John Glenn School Corporation employs approximately 138 certified staff members to provide positive learning experiences for over 1800 students during the course of a 180 day school year. It is inevitable that one or more employees will be absent from their assigned instructional duties on any one given day due to such things as personal illness and/or business, staff development activities, curriculum development, student field trip experiences, etc. It is imperative that students continue to learn during the absence of their regular instructor; therefore, the Corporation has developed this policy to facilitate the process for selecting, licensing, and training of substitute teachers.


A person who holds a valid Indiana Teacher License and who meets all other local criteria for substitute teaching will not need to apply for a Substitute Teacher Certificate.


The Division of Teacher Licensing of the Indiana Professional Standards Board issues all new Substitute Teacher Certificates upon the condition that the candidate is recommended by the Superintendent of a school district. The Corporation may recognize and accept any and all valid Substitute Teacher Certificates regardless of issuance date; however any license recommended by the Superintendent after August 1, 1996, will be in compliance with the criteria contained herein. Example: The Corporation may recognize and accept valid Substitute Teacher Certificates issued after August 1, 1996, to surrounding school corporations, such as Oregon-Davis, Union North, South Bend, Plymouth, and La Porte (as long as the minimum educational requirements for obtaining the certificate in each of the surrounding schools is that the substitute have a high school diploma and other criteria contained herein is complied with).


The minimum education requirements required for recommendation for a Substitute Teacher Certificate is a high school diploma. Prospective substitute teachers may be required to supply proof of the diploma. Education beyond high school is desirable.


Education is all about working with children, therefore, a prospective substitute teacher must have previous experiences of instructing and/or supervising children. Examples of these experiences are day care work, cadet teaching, camp work, life guarding, private or public school work, church youth work, little league coaching, etc.


Each prospective substitute teacher will be required to give both personal and previous employer references, especially those for previous education related experiences. The references may be checked and in addition the Corporation may conduct a criminal background check.


Each applicant will be required to complete a Substitute Teacher Application Form and an Application for Indiana Substitute Teaching Certificate to be followed by an interview with the Superintendent or his/her designee. Reference and/or background checks may be conducted prior to the Superintendent recommending the applicant for a Substitute Teacher Certificate and/or acceptance of a certificate currently held by the applicant.


Each properly licensed or certified substitute teacher will be required to meet with the principal or his/her designee prior to working as a substitute teacher in the building. The principal will provide information about at least the following: lesson plans, textbooks and other teacher material, student lists and seating charts, building maps, lunch procedures, safety student handbooks (discipline), support resources, forms to be completed, etc.


The principal or his/her designee will visit the substitute teacher's teaching area at least three (3) times during the first substitute teaching assignment in the building. The principal will immediately share concerns or problems with the substitute. The principal will immediately inform the Superintendent of any substitute that should not be employed again. Periodically the administration will review the list of substitute teachers for assessment purposes.


The purpose of this administrative guideline is to ensure that substitute teachers for the Corporation are responsible and properly licensed or certificated so they may enhance the education of the student. The selection and assignment of substitute teachers is the responsibility of the administration.