John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


When the School Corporation administers standardized tests including state mandated tests such as ISTEP, IREAD-3, or end of course assessments, a student who is a child with a disability shall be tested according to the requirements of I.C. 20-32-5-16 with appropriate accommodations in testing materials and procedures unless the individuals who develop the child's individual education program (IEP) determine that testing, or a part of the testing, is not appropriate for the student and that an alternate assessment will be used to test the student's achievement.

Any decision with regard to the student to participate in testing, to receive accommodations in testing materials and procedure, to participate in remediation, or to be retained at the same grade level for the next school year shall be made in accordance to the child's IEP, subject to the ISTEP program manual, and Federal law.

Revised 5/06
Revised 5/21/13

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