John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


When a school submits a strategic and continuous school improvement and achievement plan to the board for its consideration, the following components must be met:

 A.The initial plan shall lay out objectives for a three (3) year period and must be reviewed and revised annually to accomplish the achievement objectives established for the school.

 B.The plan must establish objectives for the school to achieve. These objectives must be consistent with academic standards and include improvement in at least the following areas:

  1.attendance rate

  2.the percentage of students meeting academic standards under the ISTEP and/or GQE program

  3.the graduation rate (for a high school)

 C.The plan is to specify how and to what extent the school expects to make continuous improvement in all areas of the educational system where results are measured by setting benchmarks for progress on an individual school basis.

 D.The plan must note specific areas where improvement is needed immediately.

 E.If the plan requires a waiver of a statute or rule of the State Board of Education, the principal may ask the School Board to petition the State Board for a waiver except in the following instances:

  1.The rule relates to the health or safety of students or school personnel.

  2.The rule is a special education rule governed by 511 I.A.C. 7.

  3.Suspension of the rule causes the school to be in noncompliance with Federal statutes and regulations.

  4.The rule concerns curriculum or textbooks.

Should the plan require a change in the curriculum or textbooks, the Board may petition the Indiana Department of Education to waive any statute or rule relating thereto.

Each school plan must contain the following components for the school:

 A.A list of the statutes and rules that the school wishes to have suspended from operation for the school.

 B.A description of the curriculum and information concerning the location of a copy of the curriculum that is available for inspection by members of the public.

 C.A description and name of the assessments that will be used in the school in addition to ISTEP assessments.

 D.The plan must be made available to all interested members of the public in an easily understandable format.

 E.A provision to maximize parental participation in the school, which may include access to learning aids to assist students with school work at home, information on home study techniques, or access to school resources.

 F.In the high school, a provision to:

  1.offer courses that allow all students to become eligible to receive an academic honors diploma;

  2.encourage all students to earn an academic honors diploma or complete the Core 40 curriculum.

 G.A provision to maintain a safe and disciplined learning environment for students and teachers.

 H.A provision for the coordination of technology initiatives and ongoing professional development activities.

If a school has developed materials that are substantially similar to a component of the State mandated plan, the school may substitute those materials for the component of the State mandated plan.

Approved 12/19/01