John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


In addition to textbook rental fees, students may be charged the cost of the studentís use of disposable materials, software copyright licenses, and hardware to utilize software provided if approved by the School Board. If a software site license is not charged on a per student per school year basis, and if approved by the Board, students may be charged a sum to be paid by each student that divides the cost of the license between all students expected to use the licensed software. If hardware such as a laptop computer or a tablet is required to access the curricular materials approved by the Board, students expected to use the hardware may be charged a sum approved by the Board.

Rental fees are to be collected in accordance with the following procedures:



During registration or on the first day of enrollment of the first semester, the parent shall be provided with an online statement of fees and provided access to the online version of Form 8531 F1 (qualification for inability to pay).



Prior to October 31 of each school year, send Form 2510B F1 to parents of students with delinquent fees (pending applicants and those already approved are not to be considered delinquent).



An electronically signed online (10 month) contract is required during registration from parents who were not on State Assistance the previous school year and who are not receiving State Assistance through Direct Certification. Reminders are sent monthly encouraging parents to make at least a partial payment on balance due.



Outstanding balances not paid by May 15th of each school year are considered delinquent and are subject to referral to Small Claims Court Collection.

Revised 3/1/16

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