John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


In accordance with Board policy, the Corporation's summer school curriculum will consist of remedial programs, enrichment programs, and recreational programs.


  1.Summer school is open to all public and private school students who are residents of this Corporation and tuition-transfer students on a space-available basis.

  2.Staff members are requested to indicate to the principal those students who could profit most from summer classes. Said children will be contacted, but are not required to attend, except for State-mandated testing and assessments remediation.

  In accordance with guidelines for summer schools established by the Department of Education which generally follow those required of regular school sessions, the principal of the Summer School shall carry the same responsibilities as those generally accepted by the principal of the regular school session. S/He is responsible for the total operation of the school and should give particular attention to the quality of instruction and supervision of his/her staff.

 C.Course Offerings

  1.To receive credit for a subject not previously taken in high school, the student shall receive class instruction in summer session equivalent to an amount not less than the minimum customarily required in high school; namely, seventy-five (75) clock hours for one (1) high school credit (1 unit). The time calculations shall not include time for passing of classes or for regularly scheduled recess periods. Class instruction shall be supplemented by regular home or study hall assignments as required in regular high school organizations. New provisions for credit restructure will pertain.

  2.Courses to be offered in a summer school will be selected by the Superintendent on the advice of the principals and with the approval of the Board.

  3.The Superintendent, acting upon the recommendation of the principal, may discontinue any course for reasons of insufficient enrollment.


  1.Nonresident students shall be charged tuition.

  2.All students shall be assessed fees for materials and incidentals as determined by the Board.

  3.Payment in full should be received before school starts. Exceptions for unusual circumstances may be granted by the principal.

  4.A refund will not be granted after the first day of school.

 E.Operating Rules

  1.The amount of instructional time shall become part of the student's permanent record and shall be included whenever his/her record is transferred to another school.

  2.The final grades will be mailed to each student's parents at the conclusion of the summer session.

 F.Performance Responsibilities

  1.The summer school principal shall recommend all personnel, subject to the approval of the Superintendent.

  2.The summer school principal shall be responsible for obtaining equipment, supplies, and instructional materials.

  3.The summer school principal shall direct the activities of the professional and classified staff members in the performance of their responsibilities.