John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


 A.Each coach or sponsor shall hold a mandatory meeting with his/her team to explain the dangers of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. All student athletes will be presented with a copy of the drug testing program at the meeting. Each student athlete will be required to attend these meetings once each school year.

 B.Each student athlete shall receive a John Glenn High School Drug Testing Program Pledge and Consent form which must be signed by the student athlete and his/her parent or guardian. This form must be on file in the high school athletic office before a student athlete will be allowed to participate. The Pledge and Consent form binds the student athlete to submit a urine sample to be tested for alcohol, tobacco, and other drug usage when requested.

 C.The collection of the sample shall be done in a nonoffensive manner which ensures the integrity of the sample. Each student athlete will be directed into a designated room where the sample will be given. The monitor will remain in the designated area during the giving of the sample. Upon completion of the giving of the sample the student athlete will deliver it to the monitor who will inspect the sample for appropriate liquidity and labeling.

 D.Recording of appropriate information will begin at the time the sample is collected to ensure proper chain of custody procedures are followed. Verification signatures of both the student athlete and the monitor shall be part of the collection process.

 E.Each sample will be tested for unlawful drugs as listed in the controlled substance provisions under Indiana State law, tobacco residue, and if necessary, alcohol and performance-enhancing drugs known as steroids. Testing shall be done by a competent and accredited laboratory selected by the John Glenn School Corporation.

 F.Each student athlete will be assigned a number. The official list which contains the names and corresponding numbers is confidential and will be kept at a site off-campus. The athletic director and principal are the only people who will have access to the list of names and numbers.

 G.The student athlete numbers will be scrambled on a computer program at the off-campus site. The program will generate a list of randomly selected numbers for each testing date. All student athletes will have an equal chance of being selected and any student selected for a random test will remain subject to future random tests. The administrator(s) will notify selected student athletes if their identification number was drawn prior to administering the test.

 H.All communication with the testing laboratory regarding results will utilize the numbers and not the names of the student athletes.

 I.Every school year the athletic director will administer a number of unannounced, random drug tests at regular intervals. Each test will consist of no less than five percent (5%) and no more than fifty percent (50%) of the total population of student athletes.

 J.A student athlete will be declared ineligible immediately if s/he refuses to be tested.

 K.A student athlete who is randomly selected for testing and is absent will be tested on the next test date. If the absence is determined by the school to be unexcused (as defined in the student handbook), the student athlete shall be declared ineligible until the test is administered and the result is known. A student athlete with an excused or approved absence will remain eligible until the next test date.

 L.If a student athlete tests positive, the results of the test will be delayed until a confirmation test has been conducted. The laboratory will only inform the athletic director of a positive result once the confirmation test has been conducted.

 M.If a positive test is confirmed, the athletic director will be notified by the laboratory. The athletic director will notify the student athlete and his/her parent or guardian of the result by an immediate phone call.

 N.If the student athlete was, at the time of the test in question, taking over-the-counter or prescription medicine which could account for the positive test result, s/he will be given the opportunity to provide that information to the laboratory. The student athlete who wishes to challenge the positive result in this way must provide to the athletic director within two (2) working days of the initial notification, an explanation including a narrative letter outlining specific medications which the student athlete was authorized to take at the time of the test in question along with official documentation from the student athlete's physician (e.g., a dated prescription or doctor's letter of authorization). The student athlete may provide the information to the athletic director in a sealed envelope, thereby protecting the confidentiality of any information regarding medications. The athletic director will forward the information to the laboratory which will determine whether the medication documented therein could have produced a false-positive result. If so, the test will be treated as negative and the matter will be dropped. If not, the athletic director will notify the student athlete and his/her parent of such and the procedure described herein will continue as if no challenge had been made.

 O.If the athletic director receives no notification of or documentation for a challenge to the positive test as set out in the previous paragraph, the athletic director will notify the student athlete's coach or supervisor of the result at which time the student athlete will be subject to disciplinary action. Also, at this time a registered letter will be sent to the parent or guardian of the student athlete informing them of the positive test result.

 P.A portion of the sample resulting in a positive test will be made available to the student athlete and his/her parent or guardian upon request, if done within twenty-four (24) hours of the initial notification. The sample may be taken to any accredited laboratory to be reanalyzed, and the cost will be the responsibility of the student athlete and his/her parent or guardian. If the reanalyzed results dispute that of the initial testing laboratory, the remaining portion of the sample shall be tested at a third accredited laboratory chosen by the School Corporation with the responsibility of the cost being that of the Corporation. This test result will be final and binding upon all parties.

 Q.The student athlete and his/her parent or guardian will be informed of a negative test result by mail within five (5) days.

 R.All results and records of the testing program are confidential and will be kept by the athletic department.

 S.All results and records of the testing program will be destroyed when a student athlete graduates from John Glenn High School and will not be part of his/her permanent record. If a student athlete transfers to another school after having been declared ineligible at John Glenn High School as a result of the testing program, the transfer form required by the IHSAA will state that the student athlete was ineligible, but the reasons will not be stated.


Being a student athlete is a privilege and not a right. With that in mind, John Glenn High School believes that student athletes who cannot follow the rules of each sport or organization are voluntarily relinquishing their privilege to participate.

Student athletes testing positive in the drug testing program will be subject to disciplinary action as stated in the Code of Conduct section of the John Glenn High School Athletic Handbook.

Revised 8/5/03