John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


The athletic policy of the School Board states that interscholastic athletics should provide for the development of life-long attitudes and values toward doing one's best, strong team work, fair play, and good sportsmanship.

The Corporation's purpose and, therefore, each coach's purpose for students participating in athletics is to stress the importance of physical fitness throughout life, to help students develop the attitudes and values indicated above, and to practice a mind-set and behaviors related to respect for opponents, coaches, officials, teammates, and spectators. Although winning is a desirable goal and something to strive for, it should not overshadow the educational purposes of athletics and the positive impact athletic activity can have on developing ethical, productive, and well-rounded citizens.

Since learning comes from doing, it is essential that coaches place participation by the maximum number of students as the top priority for their athletic teams. To that end, the following recommendations are suggested:

 A.Elementary and Middle School
  Equal practice and playing time for all participants, regardless of the potential impact on the outcome of the game. Playing time implies the opportunity for students to participate in all positions or skill areas of the sport.

 B.Ninth Grade
  Equal practice time for all participants and each will play for at least a few minutes in every game, regardless of the potential impact on the outcome of the game. Playing time will be limited to those who attend practice sessions regularly and obey the rules of conduct.

 C.Junior Varsity
  Equal practice time and the expectation of earned playing time* determined for each game. Some playing time for all participants during the season, regardless of the potential impact on the outcome of the game.
  Earned playing time is determined each week by the coach(s) based on the student's efforts to develop skill, maintain proper condition, and demonstrate positive attitudes toward the game, practice, teamwork, fair play, and winning.

  Equal practice time and only the expectation of earned playing time determined for each game. Except in a season in which a championship or tournament berth is likely, some playing time should be arranged for as many participants as possible, consistent with the criteria listed below for planned playing time.

Each coach will be responsible for administering High School Athletic Association, League, Corporation, and team rules in a fair, consistent, and equitable manner keeping in mind the above-stated purposes of athletics.

The Corporation will arrange for students, staff, and parents to participate in training activities related to good sportsmanship, ethics, and fair play in all athletic activities.