John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


Whenever a principal finds that a student will be absent from school for health reasons for twenty (20) consecutive school days of homebound care, an aggregate of twenty (20) school days of hospital care, or any number of days of homebound or hospital care necessary to complete the school year s/he should contact the Case Conference Coordinator to arrange for an IEP to be developed with the student's teachers and counselors.

 A.Teachers and/or guidance counselors should be contacted as soon as possible.

 B.All assignments are made through the office of the principal.

 C.Accurate time sheets must be kept of all cases. The time sheet is to be signed by the parent and attached to the completed voucher.

 D.Time sheets and vouchers are to be submitted by the end of the pay period.

 E.All books and supplies will be furnished by the school in which the student is registered.

 F.The instructor shall forward grades to the principal of the school the student attends by the end of the marking period.