John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines

2340C - OVERNIGHT TRIPS(Corporation-Sponsored)

In compliance with School Board Policy 2340, Field and Other Corporation-Sponsored Trips, the following guidelines are to be followed whenever a staff member seeks Board approval for a trip on which the students will be away from home for one (1) or more nights.

The Superintendent will not recommend approval by the Board unless a plan based on answers to the questions on the Proposal Form for Overnight/Extended Student Trip Form 2340 F5 has been prepared and approved by the principal(s) of the school(s) which the students attend. In addition, if the trip involves the use of a travel company to arrange for transportation, rooms, or any other aspect of the trip, the staff member submitting the proposal must confirm that the company is:


licensed to operate in this State;



registered and bonded;



properly insured for the proposed trip and the policy covers the Corporation, the staff members and chaperones involved in the trip, and all phases of the trip from the point at which the trip begins to the point at which it ends;



in compliance with Federal laws regarding accessibility for and rights of those with disabilities.

This information must be confirmed, in writing, and attached to the trip proposal. No trip involving a travel company will be approved without this confirmation and, therefore, will be considered a nonsponsored trip subject to AG 2340D.

It is essential that no discussion of a trip with students is to occur until the trip proposal has been submitted and a determination made as to whether it will be sponsored by the Corporation.

All such requests are to be submitted to the Superintendent seven (7) days prior to the Board meeting at which approval will be sought. The professional staff member who will be in charge of the trip is responsible for preparing the proposal, reviewing it with the relevant principals, and obtaining written approval from each.

The proposal will be reviewed by the Superintendent and submitted to the Board with his/her recommendation for or against approval.

Once approved, the professional staff member in charge will be responsible for conducting the trip as planned. If changes in the plan are necessary, such changes are to be submitted to the principal(s) for approval and/or for subsequent approval by the Superintendent or Board.

Prior to the start of an approved overnight trip, the staff member in charge must comply with the procedures for any Corporation-sponsored trip (AG 2340B). In addition, each participating student and his/her parent is to sign the Responsibility Contract Form 2340 F6 and submit it to the trip leader(s) prior to the trip.


All chaperones must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and be affiliated with the Corporation as a parent, school volunteer, part-time or full-time employee, and/or Board member.

The list of chaperones must be submitted with the trip request. Any additions or replacements must be submitted to the principal for approval prior to the trip.

Each chaperone must sign the Volunteer Release Form 4120.09 F1 prior to the trip in which s/he agrees to abide by all applicable Corporation policies and administrative guidelines. The form should be submitted to the Superintendent's office.

Chaperones are not to invoke any kind of discipline on a student except in cases of imminent threat to the student's safety or well-being. A chaperone is to report any student behavior problems or inappropriate conduct of a chaperone or staff member to the trip leader(s) as soon as possible.

Each chaperone, as well as the trip leader(s), should model the behaviors expected of students throughout the times on the trip when s/he is associated with the students. When a chaperone is on free time away from the students, his/her behavior should be such that it would not create problems for or embarrassment to the trip leader(s) or the Corporation.

The trip leader(s) is responsible for the conduct of the chaperones during the trip and should be knowledgeable of their whereabouts at all times and how they can be contacted in case of an emergency.