John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


The following guidelines must be met for students enrolling in college or university programs.

 A.The college or university must be accredited in the State of Indiana.

 B.The student must be either: least nineteen (19) years of age and not enrolled in a school; or least seventeen (17) years of age and have consent from the principal of the high school the individual attended most recently. The School Corporation, in which a student to whom this requirement applies resides, shall pay the student's tuition for high school level courses taken at the college or university during each year the student is included in the School Corporation's ADM.

 C.To complete the requirements for a high school diploma the student must have:


   a.the graduation examination given under I.C. 20-32-4; examination for a general educational development diploma; examination equivalent to the graduation examination:

    1)administered by the college or university; and

    2)approved by the Department of Education; and

  2.completed the coursework necessary to meet:

   a.the minimum high school requirements established by the State Board of Education; and

   b.the requirements of the college or university.

 D.In addition to meeting these requirements the student must have the credits toward graduation that s/he successfully completed in high school transferred to the college or university.

If a student enrolls in a course offered by an eligible institution under the program, the institution and the student's School Corporation will enter into a contract for dual credit. The contract must establish the terms and conditions under which:

 A.the institution will award credit for specific classes successfully completed by the student in the School Corporation; and

 B.the School Corporation will award credit for specific classes successfully completed by the student in the institution.

The School Corporation shall grant secondary credit for a course successfully completed by a student at the eligible institution if the School Corporation approved the course for secondary credit. The student's school records must reflect that the secondary credit was earned at an eligible institution.

A School Corporation representative must meet with each student who intends to participate in the program and discuss the following:

 A.the course in which the student is authorized to enroll

 B.the postsecondary credit the student earns upon successful completion of a course

 C.the consequences of a student's failure to successfully complete a course

 D.the student's schedule

 E.the financial obligations of the student and the school under the program

 F.the responsibilities of the student, the student's parent, and the school under the program

 G.other matters concerning the program

Approved 4/17/07