John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


Any guides developed as an outcome of a new or revised course of study should incorporate the following features:

 A.The General Purpose and Outcome of the Course
  These should be broadly stated and should include the purposes, philosophy, and expected learning outcomes of the course.

 B.The Learning Goals of the Course
  These are the particular behaviors the students should demonstrate when the purpose of each unit or section of the course is being achieved at the desired level of performance.

  The content should be organized in ways that will provide for applied learning of the concepts involved in the learning outcomes.

  Teaching strategies should relate directly to helping students participate properly in learning and applying the important concepts contained in the content.

 E.Student Evaluation
  Procedures for student evaluation should be included in the guide. Procedures may include pencil and paper tests if such tests will confirm that students are achieving the desired learning.

  A listing of the people, materials, equipment, etc. that will be necessary to help students/teachers accomplish the course objectives.

 G.Physical Appearance of the Guide
  A written preface should introduce the guide and clearly state the purpose and rationale for the program. A list of the committee members should also be included as well as the date of publication.

Each guide shall be consistent with the course of study of which it is a part.