John Glenn School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


Whenever a working or advisory committee is established to assist the Corporation in the operation of the educational program, the selection of faculty members to serve on the committee shall be done in one of two ways:

 A.All faculty member appointments are made by the bargaining unit.

 B.All faculty member appointments are made by the appropriate administrator after consultation with the Superintendent.

If a working or advisory committee is composed of faculty members selected by an administrator and the subject of the committee is a mandatory subject for discussion, s/he shall be responsible for ensuring that the committee works concurrently with the Corporation's Discussion Committee or provides an appropriate opportunity for the Discussion Committee to have input into the work of the committee. This means that all information shared with the advisory or working committee is shared with the Discussion Committee, both committees meet the same number of times, and that the Discussion Committee has an equal opportunity to develop and present proposals for consideration by the administration and/or the School Board.