Howell Public Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Superintendent shall develop and supervise a program for the security of the District's students, staff, visitors, school buildings, school grounds, and school equipment in compliance with State and Federal law. Such a program may include the use of video surveillance and electronic monitoring equipment in appropriate public areas in and around the schools and other District facilities, and on school buses.

Every effort shall be made to apprehend those who knowingly cause serious physical harm to students, staff, visitors and District property and to require prosecution of those who bring harm to persons and/or property. The Board will seek repair to rectify the damage or payment of a fee to cover the cost of repair or replacement from the person(s) responsible. A reward may be offered for apprehending such persons.

Appropriate authorities shall be contacted in the case of serious offenses.

The Superintendent shall report to the Board, no later than the next Board meeting, any significant incident involving vandalism, theft, personal safety or other security risk and the measures being taken to address the situation.

Revised 4/26/10