Hopkins Public School District
Bylaws & Policies


The. L.M. Wise Educational Preserve is one of the more exciting and developing facilities of the Hopkins Public School District. We are proud and grateful for the history of leadership that has established the groundwork for future educational potential and continued development for community use.

The Hopkins Public School Board of Education recognizes the commitment and efforts that have gone into this collaboration between the L.M. Wise Farm Committee and the Hopkins Area Educational Foundation (HAEF). As it is our intent to insure the ongoing support and collaborative efforts and it is our responsibility to oversee the District wide planning and development of facilities, we establish a communication policy between the three (3) entities involved with the L.M. Wise Farm. A policy of this type would aid in the planning and help the community take full advantage of this asset to the District.

Proposed flow chart of communication:




■ Annual Report

■ Master Plan

■ Facility Use Approval for

site development by

outside groups

A long term master plan from the L.M. Wise Farm Committee and the HAEF shall be made available to the Board by its representative. The representative, an officer or trustee of the Board of Education who is appointed annually, will serve as the communications linker between the HAEF and the Hopkins Board of Education.

All planning or development regarding the master plan will be reviewed annually. Annual reports would reflect the budget and planned improvements of the preceding year as they fit in the master plan. Also, included in the Annual Report is a proposed list of projects anticipated for the coming year.

Members from HAEF and the L.M. Wise Committee work in the forming of the master plan and annual reports. These groups also work in collaboration on specific projects as needed.

HAEF is responsible for fundraising and gives financial approval over any proposed developments.

L.M. Wise Farm Committee studies site-specific uses or plans development and acts as the steering committee for the Master Plan.

Proposed projects from outside groups (i.e., Boy Scouts, Alumni, FFA, etc.) must be presented to the L.M. Wise Farm Committee for approval. Approval for projects by outside groups also requires the Superintendentís approval. Outside groups wishing to develop the L.M. Wise Farm site must first seek approval from the L.M. Wise Farm Committee. Approval by the chair of the L.M. Wise Farm Committee and the Superintendent is needed before site development projects can be started.

Requests from any groups to use the facility will be made through any school office. Permission to use the facility will be granted by the Superintendent of Schools following the guidelines for use established in Policy Rule KG-R Use of District Facilities.

Guidelines for Use of the L.M. Wise Farm

 A.Stay on marked paths and trails and keep group sizes small. Special permission must be obtained for groups larger than thirty (30).

 B.Motorized vehicles, off-road vehicles, and bicycles are strictly prohibited.

 C.Pets are not permitted on the preserve, even with a leash.

 D.Horseback riding is not permitted.

 E.Smoking, camping, and fires are prohibited.

 F.Removing any plants, rocks, or animals is prohibited.

 G.Hunting is prohibited.

 H.Do not litter.

 I.Do not trespass on land adjacent to the preserve.

 J.Avoid walking in boggy or wet areas where soils are saturated and soft.