Hampshire County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The School Nutrition Program Director or designee may file a claim with the magistrate court (through legal counsel as authorized by the Superintendent) or utilize the services of an independent collection agency to secure collection on unpaid debts not paid within thirty (30) days of written notification, unless an alternative payment plan has been reached. The costs for filing claims in magistrate court or for securing the services of a collection agency shall be added to the unpaid debt due the District. Accounts submitted to an independent collection agency shall have charging privileges revoked. Parents shall be provided with written notification of this policy on an annual basis.

The Superintendent shall review all outstanding obligations and approve for write-off any debt, which in his/her judgement remains uncollectible at the end of each fiscal year.

West Virginia State Board of Education Policy 4320

Adopted 9/4/07
Revised 1/09