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The Board of Education recognizes the value to the students of the County and to the community of a program of interscholastic athletics for students as an integral part of the total school experience.

The game activities and practice sessions should provide many opportunities to teach the values of competition and good sportsmanship.

For purposes of this policy, the program of interscholastic athletics shall include all activities relating to competitive sport contests, games, events, or sport exhibitions involving individual students or teams of students of this County with those of another county.

The Board delegates the control, supervision and regulation of its interscholastic athletic events and band activities to the West Virginia Secondary School Commission (WVSSAC).

Students identified as disabled under relevant State and Federal laws are subject to the eligibility standards established by this policy unless specifically exempted by the express terms of their individualized education program (IEP). An IEP may specify the criteria by which a grade will be determined for (a) course(s), given the individualized student's disability.

Because the primary purpose of the athletic program is to enhance the education of participating students as indicated in this policy, the Board places top priority on maximum student participation and the values of good sportsmanship, team play, and fair competition.

Students shall be excused from classes and/or supervised study to permit their participation in interscholastic athletics, subject to State law and other policies of the Board and the State Board of Education.

The Superintendent shall develop appropriate administrative guidelines for the operation of the Athletic Program and a Code of Conduct for those who participate. Such guidelines should provide for the following safeguards:

 A.Prior to enrolling in the sport, each participant shall submit to a thorough physical examination by a physician and/or parents shall report any past or current health problems along with a physician's statement that any such problems have or are being treated and pose no threat to the student's participation.

 B.Any student who is found to have a health condition which may be life-threatening to self or others shall not be allowed to participate until the situation has been analyzed by a physician licensed to practice in the State of West Virginia that has determined the conditions under which the student may participate.

 C.Any student who incurs an injury requiring a physician's care is to have the written approval of a physician prior to the student's return to participation.

In order to minimize health and safety risks to student-athletes and maintain ethical standards, school personnel, coaches, athletic trainers, and volunteer coaches shall not dispense, supply, recommend, or permit the use of any drug, medication, or food supplement solely for performance-enhancing purposes.

The Superintendent shall develop guidelines that require sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity which characterize the manner in which the athletic program is conducted and the actions of students who participate.

The guidelines should also provide a set of behavioral expectations for each type of participant as well as a Sportsmanship Code of Conduct which each type of participant is to follow. It shall be the responsibility of each coach to cause the guidelines to be published and provided to all student athletes and their parents/guardians. The Superintendent is authorized to implement suitable disciplinary procedures against those who violate this Sportsmanship Code.

The guidelines shall describe the consequences for violations of the Sportsmanship Code and the suitable disciplinary procedures against those who violate this Sportsmanship Code.

Students will be further informed that participation in interscholastic sports is a privilege and not a right, and that they may be prohibited from all or part of their participation in such activities by authorized school personnel however, students should be provided some limited form of due process when they will be prohibited from all or part of their participation in such activities.

In order to support the WVSSAC's program to strengthen sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity, the Board commits itself to:

 A.adopt policies (upon recommendation of the administration) which reflect the Board's educational objectives and promote the ideals of good sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity;

 B.establish standards for athletic participation which reinforce the concept that athletic activities are a privilege, not a right;

 C.attend and enjoy school athletic activities, serving as a positive role model and expecting the same from parents, fans, participants, coaches, and other school personnel;

 D.support and reward participants, coaches, school administrators, and fans who display good sportsmanship;

 E.recognize the value of school athletic activities as a vital part of education.

W V Code 18-2-25
Rules and Regulations of the West Virginia Secondary School Activities

Revised 1/09
Revised 3/2/09
Revised 8/6/12

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