Grosse Ile Township Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education is committed to maintaining and protecting the Districtís Information System. The Board believes that a complete and accurate Information System which includes educational, student, fiscal and personnel information is vital to the Boardís ability to deliver uninterrupted educational service to the community it represents. To that end, the Superintendent is directed to develop, test and maintain an Electronic Data Processing Disaster Recovery Plan for use in the event a disaster should disable the Districtís electronic data processing equipment.

The Plan may include:

 A.a reciprocal agreement with the Wayne County RESA or data acquisition site, which outlines the scope of reciprocal services such as access to the computer facility of the alternative, computer time and personnel assistance, and costs;

 B.adequate equipment insurance;

 C.procedures used to backup all programs and data on a daily, monthly, quarterly and year-end basis;

 D.backup storage off-site; a last resort, the procedure to create payroll checks and budgetary checks, and perform other necessary accounting functions, manually.

Adopted 8/28/07