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The Board of Education will provide personal or wireless communication devices ("PCDs") to employees who by the nature of their job have a routine and continuing business need for the use of such devices for official District business. For purposes of this policy, "personal communication device" includes computers, tablets (e.g., iPads and similar devices), electronic readers ("e-readers"; e.g. Kindles and similar devices), cell phones (e.g., mobile/cellular telephones, smartphones [e.g., BlackBerry, iPhone, Android devices, Windows Mobile devices, etc.], telephone paging devices [e.g., beepers or pagers]), and/or other web-enabled devices of any type. PCDs are provided as tools to conduct District business and to enhance business efficiencies. District-owned cell phones are not a personal benefit and shall not be a primary mode of communication, unless they are the most cost-effective means to conduct District business (i.e., because some cellular telephone services plan are billed on a time-used basis, District-owned cell phones should not be used if a less costly alternative method of communication is safe, convenient and readily available).

District-owned PCDs are not to be used to place calls or send/receive e-mail, instant messages, or text messages of a personal nature, or to access the internet for personal business.

Any employee who regularly places or receives personal calls, or uses his/her District-owned cell phone to send/receive personal e-mails, text messages, or instant messages, shall be subject to disciplinary action. Use of a District-owned PCD by an employee to access a personal e-mail account or connect to the internet for personal business is strictly prohibited.

The Superintendent shall designate those staff members who will be issued a District-owned cell phone and provided with a cellular telephone and/or wireless Internet/data service plan.

In order to continue to be eligible to receive a District-owned cell phone, staff members are required to answer all calls on his/her District-owned cell phone and promptly respond to any messages.

In order to continue to receive a District-owned cell phone and/or other PCD, non-exempt employees are required during his/her regular work hours to answer all calls on his/her cell phone and promptly respond to any messages. Non-exempt employees are not permitted to work remotely via their District-owned PCD outside regular work hours without prior authorization from their supervisor. In other words, unless they are directed to provide an immediate response, all e-mails/texts/calls should be responded to only during regular work hours. Non-exempt employees must maintain a written record of all time spent preparing and/or responding to e-mails/texts and placing and/or answering calls outside regular work hours.

Safe and Appropriate Use of Board-Owned PCDs, Including Cell Phones

Employee safety is a priority of the Board, and responsible use of District-owned PCDs, including cell phones, requires safe use. See Policy 7530.02 - Staff Use of Personal Communication Devices.

Employees may not use a PCD in a way that might reasonably create in the mind of another person an impression of being threatened, humiliated, harassed, embarrassed or intimidated.

Duty to Maintain Confidentiality of Student Personally Identifiable Information; Public and Student Record Requirements

Employees are subject to all applicable policies and guidelines pertaining to protection of the security, integrity and availability of the data stored on their District-owned PCDs. See Policy 7530.02 - Staff Use of Personal Communication Devices.

When the Board intends to dispose of, or otherwise stop using, a District-owned PCD on which an employee has maintained public records, student records and/or electronically stored information ("ESI") that is subject to a Litigation Hold, the Districtís IT department/staff shall verify such records are properly transferred to an alternative storage device, before disposing of, or otherwise ceasing to use, the PCD. The IT department/staff is responsible for securely deleting such records/ESI before disposing of, or ceasing to use, the District-owned PCD. The IT department/staff is responsible for maintaining documentation concerning the actions it takes to comply with this requirement.

Employee's Responsibilities

Employees are responsible for the safekeeping, care and custody of the District-owned PCDs assigned to them. Further, employees are responsible for the cost of misuse, intentional damage or reckless loss of the District-owned PCDs provided to them.

Reasonable precautions should be taken to prevent theft, loss or damage to, or misuse or unauthorized use/access to, District-owned PCDs. Upon resignation or termination of employment, or at any time upon request, an employee may be asked to produce the District-owned PCD issued to him/her for return or inspection.

PCDs may not be transferred to any other employee without prior notification and approval of the Superintendent. Any alteration or switching of PCDs must be approved in advance by the Superintendent.

Potential Disciplinary Action/Cancellation of Board-Owned PCD

Violation of this policy may constitute just cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination. Use of the District-owned PCD in any manner contrary to local, State or Federal laws will constitute misuse, and will result in the Board canceling the employee's privilege to use the PCD and requiring the employee to immediately return the device.

Adopted 8/28/07
Revised 6/25/13

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