Grosse Ile Township Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The School District shall assess tuition for attendance in District schools by students who are not entitled to receive a free, public education in this District.

The tuition rate shall represent the State Foundation Allowance for the School District as of the current school year and will increase/decrease in subsequent school years as the State Foundation Allowance is adjusted by the State. If a sending School District grants a waiver and the School District is able to collect the sending School District's State Foundation Allowance, the tuition student will only be responsible for the difference. Tuition rates will be the maximum permitted by law and be available to the prospective students before the beginning of the school year or before the student's attendance commences.

The Office of Student Services and the Business Manager shall be responsible for the assessment and collection of tuition.

Adopted 8/28/07
Revised 6/22/10