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Adoption of the Student Code of Conduct

The Superintendent shall establish guidelines, including a Code of Conduct consistent with Board of Education policy and philosophy, which shall hold students responsible for their conduct on school premises, in school vehicles, or at school-related events.

Student conduct shall be governed by the rules and provisions of the guidelines, including the Student Code of Conduct, which shall be reviewed periodically.

Purpose of the Student Code of Conduct

Public education must play a vital role in the development of our democratic social environment, fostering a recognition of the essential dignity of people. This code of behavior provides guidelines to achieve the kind of environment in which individuals can acquire the skills and the maturity which will allow each to maximize his/her potential abilities. A delicate balance between the rights of individuals and the well-being of the whole community must be maintained if the school community is going to provide meaningful, pleasant educational experiences for students and staff. This requires recognition of the rights of others and the desire on the part of everyone to develop a spirit of respect and cooperation in a common cause Ė that being the best educational opportunity possible for all concerned.

Application of the Code

All students enrolled in Grosse Ile Township Schools are governed by the Student Code of Conduct. The Code applies to a student who is on school premises, in a school-related vehicle, or at a school-sponsored activity or trip, or whose conduct at any time or any place, on or off campus (including travel to or from school), directly interferes with the operations, discipline, or general welfare of the Grosse Ile Township Schools.

Implementation of the Code

Implementing the Code is primarily the responsibility of the Building Principal. When used in the Code, the term "principal" is the assigned principal, an acting principal, an assistant principal, or any other individual so designated by the Building Principal or central administration. Principals shall keep records of disciplinary action and notify central administration of disciplinary action that involves exclusion of a student from school.

Due process procedures will be followed in situations involving disciplinary measures. Punishment suggested for offensive behavior is based on the concept that the punishment must be related to the offense and that action taken should be aimed at modifying behavior rather than merely punitive. At all stages, students will be encouraged to seek counsel from the guidance department or from such other appropriate persons as are available. In the cases of severe offense, however, it may be necessary to proceed directly to an advanced level of disciplinary action.

Application to Students with Disabilities

This policy and the Code of Conduct shall be applied in a manner consistent with the rights secured under Federal and State law to students who are determined to be eligible for special education program and services.

Assistance to Students and Intervention

When a Building Principal determines a need for assistance in certain circumstances, the Code supports the use of an assistance program for a student whose conduct suggests a need for assistance. Intervention in a studentís behavior as early as possible through effective use of the School Districtís student assistance programs, i.e., counselors, social worker, school psychologist is encouraged. Behavioral improvement plans will be developed as appropriate.

Removal of a Student from School

When an administrator deems it necessary, the administrator may temporarily remove from school a student charged with, suspected of committing, or suspected of being involved in, an infraction or incident, for a reasonable period of time necessary:

 A.To complete the investigation of an alleged infraction or incident,

 B.To defuse a situation that could become worse without such removal, or

 C.For other reason(s) as renders such a removal in the best interests of a particular student, a school, its students, or its staff.

Such a removal shall not constitute disciplinary action, although the infraction or incident that prompts it may conclude in disciplinary action. If the incident that has prompted removal results in discipline, the time during which the student has been removed from school shall be credited to any disciplinary time imposed.

Confidentiality of Disciplinary Records

A studentís record of disciplinary action is confidential. Parents may request and receive a copy of a school record of disciplinary action about their own minor child. Except as required by law or State mandate, or in keeping with a parentís (or studentís if age eighteen (18) or older) written request, a studentís record of disciplinary action is not released.

Reporting Offenses to Local Police

In compliance with Michigan Compiled Laws, M.C.L. 380.1308 and the Michigan School Safety Response Guide (as updated August 3, 2015), the Grosse Ile Township Schools report certain incidents of student misconduct to local police agencies within the limits of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. In judging whether to report an offense to the local police, administrators consider multiple criteria including current law, severity of the incident, pattern of studentís behavior over time, and specific context of each incident. The following list shows offenses that must be reported to police and other offenses that may be reported depending on individual circumstances.

(Under MCL 380.1308)


Active Violence Incident


Armed Student or Hostage

Larceny (Theft over $200)


Minor in Possession/Consumption of

Bomb Threat

Alcoholic Liquor

Bus Accident/Bus Stop Incident

Minor in Possession/Consumption of

Child Abuse or Neglect (required reporting


under Child Protection Law)

Physical Assault

Criminal Sexual Conduct (Sexual Assault)

Robbery or Extortion

Death or Homicide

Suicide, Suicide Attempt or Suicide

Drive-By Shooting


Drug Possession or Drug Sale

Unauthorized Removal of Student

Explosion or Fire

Vandalism/Destruction of Property

Drug Use or Overdose

(over $200)

Trespasser (if threat to student or staff

Weapons on School Property


Hostage Incident

Gang Violence


(Under MCL 380.1308 or Grosse Ile Board of Education Policy)


Theft (Under $100)


Vandalism (Under $100)




Ethnic Intimidation


Inappropriate Public Displays




False Fire Alarm


Possession or Use of Fireworks on School Property

Any other incident in which, in the judgment of administration, law enforcement assistance in the best interests of students or staff.

The Student Code of Conduct shall be revised periodically in response to changing demands or changing legislation. Accordingly, the Code of Conduct shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Education prior to publication in all school handbooks.

M.C.L. 380.1311, 380.1312

Adopted 8/28/07
Revised 6/28/16