Grosse Ile Township Schools
Bylaws & Policies

3217 - WEAPONS

The Board of Education prohibits professional staff members from possessing, storing, making, or using a weapon in any setting that is under the control and supervision of the District for the purpose of school activities approved and authorized by the District including, but not limited to, property leased, owned, or contracted for by the District, a school-sponsored event, or in a District vehicle without the permission of the Superintendent.

The term "weapon" means any object which, in the manner in which it is used, is intended to be used, or is represented, is capable of inflicting serious bodily harm or property damage, as well as endangering the health and safety of persons. Weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms, guns of any type, including air and gas-powered guns (whether loaded or unloaded), knives, razors, clubs, electric weapons, metallic knuckles, martial arts weapon, ammunition, and explosives.

The Superintendent shall refer a staff member who violates this policy to law enforcement officials. The staff member will also be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, as permitted by applicable Board policy and the terms of existing collective bargaining agreements.

Exceptions to this policy include:

 A.weapons under the control of law enforcement personnel;

 B.items approved by a principal as part of a class or individual presentation under adult supervision, if used for the purpose of and in the manner approved; (Working firearms and ammunition shall never be approved.)

 C.theatrical props used in appropriate settings;

 D.starter pistols used in appropriate sporting events.

Staff members shall report knowledge of dangerous weapons and/or threats of violence by students, staff members, or visitors to the building principal. Failure to report such information may subject the staff member to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Adopted 8/28/07