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Curriculum development should involve all the parties found in the school community. These parties include: Board members, administrators, teachers, parents and students. Curriculum development should be based on current learning research, best practices and National, State, and local standards. Curriculum development should lead to the setting of standards and benchmarks within a discipline and state-of-the-art curriculum content. Curriculum development should be evaluated continuously.

Curriculum Development

When making recommendations, the administration and building curriculum committees will follow guidelines listed below in the development of curriculum.

Curriculum decisions:

 A.are the result of thorough investigation and evaluation of alternatives;

 B.benefit student achievement;

 C.respond to parent concerns;

 D.recognize that there are many effective teaching and learning strategies that support student achievement; not abandon or dilute what is known to be effective, but changes and eliminates ineffective curriculum; and

 F.reflect the responsibility of the student, staff, and Board to approve/disapprove changes.


The Board supports the use of computers and related technology to enhance classroom instruction. The use of computers and related technology should significantly increase the opportunity for the expansion of student reasoning and thinking ability, the improvement of the management and delivery of instruction to all students and other uses in support of the Board approved curriculum.

Distance Learning

The administration is encouraged to explore the possibilities of various "distance learning" (electronic learning opportunities) to enhance the curricular offerings of the District including, but not limited to, Michigan Virtual High School, teleconferencing, web based instruction, satellite transmissions, and interactive CD-ROMís. Any such distance learning efforts will be appropriately piloted before being incorporated into the curriculum on a regular basis. All distance learning efforts will comply with applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Curriculum Changes

When curriculum changes are to be recommended, the recommendations need to be developed and decisions made on the basis of study and consideration of:

 A.research of the best available information and the most effective ways of teaching to accommodate the change;

 B.impact of the change on the rest of the existing curriculum;

 C.professional interests and strengths of the teaching staff;

 D.concerned and informed opinions of parents, recognizing that we have a responsibility to be responsive to parents;

 E.student achievement and evaluation information Ė both short term and long term.


Curriculum innovation is encouraged by the Board. Before District-wide innovative curriculum is initiated, trial projects with appropriate assessments should be utilized.

Curriculum Alignment

The Board recognizes the need to have its approved curriculum aligned with instructional materials, media, textbooks and technology in order to positively affect student learning and to verify locally identified assessment standards and objectives.

All courses approved by the Board shall include descriptions, objectives, learning activities and criterion test items. The teaching and testing of students shall align with approved course objectives. Student instructional strategies shall take into consideration each studentís potential, learning style and special needs.

Federal Compliance

To comply with the provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act, the Superintendent will, in writing, inform the professional staff of the Federal requirements concerning sex education and the prohibitions and restrictions concerning distribution of contraceptives or materials that encourage sexual activities. The District will comply with Federal guidelines concerning age appropriate sex education.

The Superintendent will ensure that any programs for limited-English proficient students have a primary goal of mainstreaming those students into the regular classrooms, and that those programs emphasize English language instruction.

Curriculum Adoption

No course of study shall be eliminated or new course added without approval of the Board, nor shall any basic alteration or reduction of a course of study be made without such approval.

The Board directs that the curriculum of this District provides instruction in courses required by statute and State Department of Education regulations.

M.C.L.A. 380.1282

Adopted 8/28/07