Grosse Ile Township Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education believes that the mission of the District is being accomplished when its educational programs are providing the opportunity for students to strive for one (1) or more of the following educational goals, commensurate with their ability and potential.

 A.job skills for the workplace and the skills and attitudes to obtain further education understanding of others, including but not limited to those with social and cultural characteristics different from his/her own and of those with mental or physical disabilities and the ability to engage in responsible personal and/or support relationships with those who are different from one's social or ethnic groups

 C.use of the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to contribute effectively to the decision-making processes of the political and other institutions of the community, state, country, and world

 D.use of the knowledge, habits, and attitudes that assure good personal and public health, both physical and mental

 E.the willingness and ability to apply ethical principles and values to his/her own life understanding of his/her own worth, abilities, potentialities, and limitations understanding of and the ability to cope with change

 H.use of the knowledge, skills, and understandings necessary to function as a responsible producer and consumer

The Board believes that all students in this District will be able to demonstrate these applied learnings, at a level that is commensurate with their age and capabilities.

The Superintendent is charged with the responsibility for providing, through the District's curriculum and appropriate administrative guidelines, opportunities for each student to accomplish these goals.

Student achievement of these educational goals represents the Board's highest priority. It should be the highest priority, as well, for the administration and for all members of the staff.

Adopted 8/28/07