School District of Greenfield
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The right to authorize the use of school facilities shall be exercised by the Board or its designee. Authorization for use of school facilities shall not be considered as an endorsement of or approval of the activity, group, or organization or the purpose they represent.

This policy is subject to the laws of the State of Wisconsin, and if there is a conflict, such laws will take precedence over this policy.

The statutory prohibition against discrimination in education set forth is 101.225, Wis. Stats., shall extend to and be applied to all persons, groups, and organizations who request permission to use School District facilities for nonschool related activities. In that regard, use of any facility will not be granted to any organization which excludes persons from participating in activities or discriminates against any person on the basis of sex, race or color, religion or creed, or national origin. The Board reserves the right to require affirmative statements from prospective users that they will not discriminate as a precondition of Board approval of requests for permission to use school facilities.

The use of any facility will not be granted to any organization whose purpose is to advocate treason, insurrection, or unlawful resistance to or the overthrow of the government of the United States, the State of Wisconsin, or any of its political subdivisions by the use or threat of physical violence.

The Board may allow the use of school facilities to groups whose main purpose is to make a personal profit or benefit from the event being sponsored.

The Board may grant the temporary use of facilities to any responsible person for any lawful nonschool purpose if such use does not interfere with the use for school purposes or school-related functions. Reasonable fees for such use will be established. The Superintendent or his/her designee shall assist the Board in determining the actual cost of such fees. The user shall be primarily liable and the District secondarily liable for any damage to facilities and for any expense incurred in consequence with the use thereof. For the purpose of this policy, the term "person" includes all partnerships, associations, corporations, and political bodies as described in 990.001, Wis. Stats.

Level 1 Priority use of District facilities and property will be given to District-sponsored activities and no fees are associated with Level 1 usage. Such activities are related to, or associated with, District curriculum, co-curricular or extra-curricular events and may include activities under the jurisdiction of the City of Greenfield Park & Recreation Department, particularly those considered complementary to District goals and/or those that do not add significant costs to the District. Level 1 Priority will be given to Greenfield educational support groups. These groups include but are not limited to Parent-Teacher Organizations, Scouts, Booster Clubs, the Greenfield Education Foundation and Greenfield youth athletic programs. Level 1 Priority may also be given to Senior Club Groups that are affiliated with the Greenfield Park and Recreation Department programs. Level 1 activities that involve user fees to pay for activity supervisors may be required to pay a Level 2 or 3 usage fee.

Level 2 Priority will be given to groups with some affiliation to the District, but are not directly related to curricular goals and are not under the direction of District personnel. Greenfield Park and Recreation Department programs for adults are in this category.

Level 3 Priority will be given to groups that are not affiliated with the District, such as private organizations and for-profit entities.

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Revised 12/04
Revised 11/23/09