Galion City School District
Bylaws & Policies


It is the purpose of this policy to establish the documents, which must be presented for each student prior to the initial admission of students to this School District. This policy is adopted in order to carry out this District's duties as set forth in the Ohio Revised Code and applicable Federal law. Students shall be admitted to the schools of this District only in accordance with this policy.
 A.Prior to initial admission of any student to this School District, the child, parent or guardian shall present to the principal of the building which the child will attend:

  1.a certification of the child's birth issued pursuant to R.C. 3705 a comparable certificate or certification issued pursuant to the statutes of another state, territory, possession or nation or other evidence of birth as provided by R.C. 3313.672.

  2.a certified copy of the latest order or decree allocating parental rights and responsibilities for the child if such order has been issued.

  3.for any child that has been identified as in need of special education by another school district a copy of the latest Individual Educational Plan for such child.

  4.any records given to the child by the public or private school which the child last attended.

  5.evidence of residency for School District purposes within the Galion City School District such as a rental agreement or lease, rent receipt, utility bill in the name of the residential parent, driver's license or evidence of voter registration at the address, evidence from the residential parents' employer or such other documents which show that the child is a resident of this School District for school purposes.

  6.written evidence that the child has been immunized against mumps, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, rubeola, rubella and hepatitis B or is in the process of such immunization or such evidence from the child's parents or physician that such immunizations are not appropriate in accordance with the provisions of R.C. 3313.671.

 B.The immunization records required by Section A.1 may be submitted no later than fourteen (14) days after the child is admitted provided, however, that if these records are not provided, the student shall, after notice to the parent and an opportunity for a meeting, be removed from school. Parents admitting a child without appropriate immunization records shall be informed of this provision at the time the other documents are provided.
  It shall be the responsibility of the principal of each school to carry out this policy.

 C.In the event of unusual circumstances concerning the documents required by this policy, the principal shall submit the documents to the Superintendent who shall make the final decision as to whether this policy has been followed.

Adopted 11/12/02
Revised 5/19/11