Elk Rapids Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The administration and Board will consider senior class trips on a year by year basis provided the following conditions are met:

 A.A minimum of thirty (30) percent of the senior class must be committed to go on the trip, and each committed senior must have fifty (50) percent of his/her cost share of the trip paid to the class treasury by the end of the first semester each year. If this requirement is not met the trip shall be cancelled or changed in order to make it more compatible with the money available at that time.

 B.Finalized plans including dates, destination(s), chaperone(s), accommodations, transportation arrangements, list of seniors participating etc. must be submitted to the high school principal and Superintendent for approval at least six (6) weeks before the scheduled starting date of the trip.

 C.A minimum of one (1) high school teacher must accompany the seniors during the entire trip as the primary chaperone for the trip, and the cost of his/her substitute teacher will be paid by the senior class.

 D.In addition to the teacher, one (1) adult chaperone for each ten (10) seniors participating must also accompany them on the trip. (Example: If forty (40) students go, four (4) adult chaperones plus the teacher will accompany them.)

 E.No more than three (3) school days may be used for any senior trip.

 F.All seniors not making the trip must attend school during any school day(s) used for the trip.

 G.Representatives of the senior class shall attend a Board meeting prior to the beginning date of the trip to obtain final approval for the trip by the Board.

Adopted 6/14/93