Elk Rapids Schools
Bylaws & Policies


Basic to the philosophy of the Board of Education is a respect for the rights of others. Students are urged to exercise this respect in regard to the belongings of others, including District property. Each student should realize that vandalism to District property is costly and either wastefully consumes District monies or denies usage to students.

Attempts shall be made to teach students respect for property which can be done in connection with the care of textbooks and the use of District materials and equipment.

In accordance with law, students who cause damage to District property shall be subject to disciplinary measures, and their parents shall be financially liable for such damage to the extent of the law except that students over eighteen (18) years of age shall also be liable for damage they cause.

The Superintendent may report to the appropriate authorities any student whose damage of District property has been serious or chronic in nature.

In no case shall such referral to juvenile authorities be made without prior notification to the student's parent.

The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines to implement this policy.

M.C.L.A. 600.2913

Revised 6/14/93