Elk Rapids Schools
Bylaws & Policies


Respect for law and for those persons in authority shall be expected of all students.

Conformity to school rules, general provisions of law regarding minors, respect for the rights of others, consideration of the privileges of others and cooperative citizenship shall be expected not only of students but of all members of the school community.

Respect for real and personal property and exemplary personal standards of courtesy, decency and honesty are expected at all times in the schools, on school vehicles and at all school-sponsored functions.

Guidelines for the promotion and maintenance of proper student conduct within the District shall be prepared by the Superintendent and shall emphasize the following:

 A.The necessity for maintaining law and order, and avoiding disruptions to the educational processes in the schools;

 B.The development in each student of respect for real and personal property;

 C.The development in each student of pride in his/her achievement and work within the range of his/her ability and of pride in his/her self-worth;

 D.The development in each student of pride in the achievement of any group of which he/she is a member;

 E.The development in each student of a high level of morality, courtesy, decency, civility, honesty and fairness;

 F.The promotion of a general understanding of the responsibilities of students, staff members and parents in the conduct of students in school.


Prohibited Conduct


The Board realizes that certain behavior or action(s) may directly or indirectly interfere with the process of providing instruction to students of the District, and prohibits all persons, on or off District property, from engaging in such behavior. Specifically prohibited actions include but are not limited to the following:



Unauthorized defacing or destroying of school property.



Participation in a riot, break-in, sit-in or lie-in.



Participation in an unlawful student assemblage.



Participation in picketing or similar disruptive action.



Acts of individual and/or group violence or vandalism.



Interference with the rightful function(s) of school personnel or of any student or group of students.



The seizure of any school building or the denial of safe access to any school building to any persons authorized to enter.



Student Codes of Conduct


The Superintendent shall be responsible for the development, administration, periodic evaluation and modification of a Code of Student Conduct which shall be comprised of rules of deportment which shall apply to all students while in schools, on school vehicles and/or at school-related events, and which shall govern student conduct within the District.


Each building principal shall be responsible for the development, administration, periodic evaluation and modification of an additional Code of Student Conduct which shall apply to and govern the conduct of all students whenever they are within his/her school building. Such individual building codes of student conduct and any changes made in them from time to time shall be approved by the Superintendent before becoming effective.


Rules comprising any Code of Conduct shall require that students:



Conform to reasonable standards of socially acceptable behavior;



Respect the person and property of others;



Preserve the degree of order necessary to the educational program in which they are engaged;



Respect the rights of others;



Obey constituted authority and respond to those who hold that authority.

The Superintendent may also establish rules and procedures to carry out Board policy and philosophy which may involve all school personnel and parents in the responsibility for the conduct of students.

M.C.L.A. 380.1261, 380.1300, 380.1311, 380.1312

Revised 6/14/93