Elk Rapids Schools
Bylaws & Policies


In recognizing its responsibility to uphold the minimum educational standards of the State of Michigan, the Board of Education establishes the following policy and criteria regarding the acceptance of credits from State-approved, nonpublic schools, or home schooling programs.

For credit or course-work to be accepted for courses taken in a State-approved, nonpublic school there must be verification that:

 A.The course met at least 120 hours per year for instruction if a regular academic course, or the total hours per year as set forth in the State Minimum Standards, if other than a regular academic course;

 B.The course content is comparable to District-established courses of study.

All students, grades 1 through 12, entering from a State-approved, nonpublic school or home schooling programs may be given an individual achievement test which will be used as an aid in placing these students.

Revised 6/13/94
Revised 11/14/94