Elk Rapids Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education desires to cooperate with those parents who wish to provide for religious instruction for their children but also recognizes its responsibility to enforce the attendance requirements of the State.

Upon the signed request of a student's parent the Board shall allow exceptions to the student's continuous attendance at school:

 A.for no more than two (2) class hours per week;

 B.for attendance at confirmation classes provided the child is twelve (12) or thirteen (13) years of age and the instructional period is no longer than five (5) months in either of those years.

To be excused from classes under this policy, the student must be registered with the religious institution providing his/her religious instruction and a copy of such registration or other proof of such registration must be filed in advance with the principal.

The time for release for religious instruction or education shall be arranged by the Superintendent in keeping with the regulations of the State Board of Education. S/He will also assure the appropriate continuance of the instructional program in the public school during such release times.

No solicitation for attendance at religious instruction shall be permitted on District premises. No member of the staff shall either encourage or discourage participation in any religious instruction program.

M.C.L.A. 380.1561 (3c)
A.C. Rule R340.71, R340.74

Revised 1/10/00