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The Superintendentís implementation of guidelines and procedures describing responsible and acceptable use of technology, networks, and information shall include, but not be limited to the following notifications to Users. It is the School Boardís expectation that the Superintendent will tailor the format of the information to be appropriate to its intended audience, such as: Employees, Students, or Families.



Philosophy and Purpose



A description of Scope from Policy 7540



A statement regarding the Limited Educational Purpose of the corporationís technology systems from Policy 7540



Notification that the Use of System is a Privilege from Policy 7540



A description of expectations and limitations regarding Technology Privacy from Policy 7540.01



The following notice regarding technology protection measures


The Corporation has implemented the use of technology protection measures which are specific technologies that will protect against (e.g. filter or block) access to visual displays/depictions that are obscene, child pornography, and materials that are harmful to minors, as defined by the Childrenís Internet Protection Act. At the discretion of the Corporation or the Superintendent, the technology protection measures may be configured to protect against access to other material considered inappropriate for students to access. The technology protection measures may not be disabled at any time that students may be using the Network, if such disabling will cease to protect against access to materials that are prohibited under the Childrenís Internet Protection Act. Any student who attempts to disable the technology protection measures will be subject to discipline.


The Corporation utilizes software and/or hardware to monitor online activity of students to restrict access to child pornography and other material that is obscene, objectionable, inappropriate and/or harmful to minors. Nevertheless, parents/guardians are advised that a determined user may be able to gain access to services on the Internet that the Corporation has not authorized for educational purposes. In fact, it is impossible to guarantee students will not gain access through the Internet to information and communications that they and/or their parents/guardians may find inappropriate, offensive, objectionable or controversial. Parents/Guardians assume risks by consenting to allow their child to participate in the use of the Internet. Parents/Guardians of minors are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their children should follow when using the Internet. The Board supports and respects each family's right to decide whether to apply for independent student access to the Internet.



The following notice regarding instruction to be provided students regarding technology safety:


Pursuant to Federal law, staff members shall provide instruction for their students regarding the appropriate use of technology and online safety and security as specified below. Furthermore, staff members will monitor the online activities of students while in school. This monitoring may include, but is not necessarily limited to, visual observations of online activities during class sessions; or use of specific monitoring tools to review browser history and network, server, and computer logs.



safety and security while using email, chat rooms, social media, and other forms of direct electronic communications;



the dangers inherent with the online disclosure of personally identifiable information;



the consequences of unauthorized access (e.g., "hacking"), cyberbullying and other unlawful or inappropriate activities by students online; and



unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal information regarding minors.


Building principals are responsible for providing training so that Internet users under their supervision are knowledgeable about this policy and its accompanying guidelines. The Board expects that staff members will provide guidance and instruction to students in the appropriate use of the Internet. Students (and their parents if they are minors) are required to sign an agreement to abide by the terms and conditions of this policy and its accompanying guidelines.



Guidance for Responsible Use of Technology, including the following:


The Board believes that technology users have the same responsibilities while using Board technology that are expected in any other school activity.   Responsible use of technology is legal, ethical, academically honest, respectful of the rights of others, and consistent with the Boardís mission.


While online, students should not reveal personal information such as name, age, gender, home address or telephone number, and are encouraged not to respond to unsolicited online contacts and to report to a teacher or supervisor any online contacts which are frightening, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate. Students shall not be required to divulge personal information for access to a non-corporation managed technology.


Users will become familiar with and follow all laws, including copyright laws and fair use guidelines.


Users accessing information or communicating using Board technology shall be responsible for knowing what information is confidential under law or Board policy, and that the transmission of confidential information in error may result in discipline to the user transmitting the confidential information.



A list of Unacceptable Uses, including, but not limited to the following:



Users will not use the school corporation system to access, review, upload, download, store, print, post, or distribute;



pornographic, obscene or sexually explicit material or other visual depictions that are harmful to minors;



obscene, abusive, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, disrespectful, or sexually explicit language;



materials that use language or images that are inappropriate to the educational setting or disruptive to the educational process or information or materials that could cause damage or danger of disruption;



materials that use language or images that advocate violence or discrimination toward other people (hate literature) or that may constitute bullying, harassment, or discrimination, unless used as primary source material for the study of a subject under the direct supervision of a teacher;



Users will not use external proxy servers or other means of bypassing the corporationís Internet content filter to gain access to these materials.



Users will not use the school corporation system to knowingly or recklessly post false or defamatory information about a person or organization, nor to bully or harass another person, nor to engage in personal attacks, including prejudicial or discriminatory attacks.



Users will not use the school corporation system to engage in any illegal act or violate any local, state or federal statute or law.



Users will not use the school corporation system to vandalize, damage or disable the property of another person or organization; will not make deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt equipment, software or system performance by spreading computer viruses or by any other means; will not tamper with, modify or change the school corporation system software, hardware or wiring or take any action to violate the school corporation system's security; and will not use the school corporation system in such a way as to disrupt the use of the system by other users.



Users will not use the school corporation system to gain unauthorized access to information resources nor to access another person's materials, information or files without the implied or direct permission of that person.



Users will not use the school corporation system to post private information about another person or to post personal contact information about themselves or other persons including, but not limited to, addresses, telephone numbers, school addresses, work addresses, identification numbers, account numbers, access codes or passwords.



Users will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the school corporation system or any other system through the school corporation system, nor attempt to log in through another person's account, nor use computer accounts, access codes or network identification other than those assigned to the user.



Users will not use the school corporation system to violate copyright laws, or usage licensing agreements, nor otherwise to use another person's property without the person's prior approval or proper citation, including the downloading or exchanging of pirated software or copying software to or from any school computer, and will not plagiarize works they find on the Internet.



Users will not use the school corporation system for the conduct of a business, for unauthorized commercial purposes, or for financial gain unrelated to the mission of the school corporation. Users will not use the school corporation system to offer or provide goods or services or for product advertisement. Users will not use the school corporation system to purchase goods or services for personal use without authorization from the appropriate school corporation official.



Users will not use the school corporation system to access any material or resource which results in the school corporation receiving an unauthorized billing. Any financial obligation incurred by a User through the Internet is the sole responsibility of the staff member, the student, or the student's parents.



Users will not use excessive data storage or network bandwidth for non-school related purposes. This includes unauthorized file downloads, Internet radio or video, peer-to-peer file sharing, chat rooms, games, instant messenger services, or the transfer of unusually large or numerous files or e-mail messages.



Users may access the school corporationís wireless network using personal property if such access is approved by the appropriate Corporation official subject to the terms and provisions of that network. However, Users may not use personal property to gain access to the school corporationís wired network without proper authorization from a corporation official.

The aforementioned principles and guidelines are extended to networks and information technology resources outside of the school corporation which are accessed through the corporation network via the Internet. Networks or information technology resource providers outside of the corporation may, in turn, impose additional conditions of appropriate use which the user is responsible to observe when using those resources.

A student or employee engaging in the foregoing unacceptable uses of the Internet when off school corporation premises also may be in violation of this policy as well as other school corporation policies. Examples of such violations include, but are not limited to, situations where the school corporation system is compromised, if a school corporation employee or student is negatively impacted, or if the educational setting or educational process is disrupted. (First Amendment Rights do apply in these situations, however.) If the school corporation receives a report of an unacceptable use originating from a non-school computer or resource, the school corporation may investigate such reports to the best of its ability. Students or employees may be subject to disciplinary action for such conduct including, but not limited to, suspension or cancellation of the use or access to the school corporation computer system and the Internet and discipline under other appropriate school corporation policies, including suspension, expulsion, exclusion, or termination of employment.

If a user inadvertently accesses unacceptable materials or an unacceptable Internet site, the user shall immediately disclose the inadvertent access to an appropriate school corporation official. This disclosure may serve as a defense against an allegation that the user has intentionally violated this policy. A student may also in certain rare instances access otherwise unacceptable materials if necessary to complete an assignment and if done with the prior approval of and with appropriate guidance from the appropriate teacher.



Information regarding the consequences associated with Violation of this Policy from Policy 7540



Disclosure regarding Limitations on School Corporation Liability from Policy 7540



A "Responsible and Acceptable Use of Technology" signature form for students and parents, including, but not limited to the following:

As a condition of using the Elkhart Community Schoolsí computer system and network, I understand and agree to the following:



I (My child) will comply with Board Policy 7540.03 which governs responsible and acceptable use of the technology, networks, and information of the Elkhart Community Schools.



I hereby knowingly and voluntarily agree that Elkhart Community Schools shall have the right to review any material stored on any system provided by the school corporation to edit or remove any material.



In consideration for (my child) using the Internet and having access to public networks, I hereby release Elkhart Community Schools, its officers, employees, and agents from any and all claims and damages arising from misuse, or inability to use Internet, loss of personal information or data, or information retrieved through the use of the corporationís technical resources.



I understand that any violation of Board Policy 7540.03 is unethical and may constitute a violation of law. Should any violation of the policy and/or criminal code be committed, I understand and agree that my (childís) access privileges are subject to revocation, school disciplinary action up to and including expulsion may be taken, and/or appropriate legal action may be taken.


(Student Name)/(Student Signature)/(Date)

I understand that any violation of Board Policy 7540.03 is unethical and may constitute a violation of law. Should any violation of the policy and/or criminal code be committed, I understand and agree that my [childís] access privileges are subject to revocation, school disciplinary action up to and including expulsion may be taken, and/or appropriate legal action may be taken.

As the parent or guardian of this student, I agree that my child will abide by Board Policy 7540.03 relating to acceptable use of the school corporation computer system and the Internet. I understand that this access is designed for educational purposes. However, I also recognize it is impossible for the school corporation to restrict access to all controversial materials and I will not hold the school corporation or its employees or agents responsible for materials acquired on the Internet.

I further agree that I will assume full responsibility for any and all costs, financial and otherwise, that may be incurred by the student while using Elkhart Community Schools-provided access to the Internet when such costs have not been authorized or approved by the school corporation.

I hereby give permission to issue an account for my child and certify that the information contained on this form is correct.

(Parent Name) / (Parent Signature) / (Date)