School City of East Chicago
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board recognizes that vending machines can produce revenues which are useful to augment programs and services to students and staff. It will, therefore, authorize their use in Corporation facilities provided that the following conditions are satisfied:

 A.The installation, servicing, stocking, and maintenance of each machine is contracted for with a reputable supplier of vending machines and their products.

 B.The Corporation's share of the revenues is managed by the Treasurer in accordance with relevant Board policies and administrative guidelines.

 C.No products are vended which would conflict with or contradict information or procedures contained in the Corporation's educational programs on health and nutrition.

The Superintendent shall develop and implement administrative guidelines which will ensure these conditions are adhered to on a continuing basis and that the proper procedures are established regarding location, operation, and maintenance of the equipment as well as for the dispensing of products.