School City of East Chicago
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board will provide cafeteria or serving facilities in all schools where space and facilities permit and food service for the purchase and consumption of lunch for all students.

The food-service program will comply with Federal and State regulations pertaining to the selection, preparation, consumption, and disposal of food and beverages as well as to the fiscal management of the program. In addition, as required by law, a food safety program that is based on the principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system shall be implemented with the intent of preventing food-borne illnesses. For added safety and security, access to the facility and the food stored and prepared therein shall be limited to food service program staff and other authorized persons.

Lunches sold by the school may be purchased by students and staff members and community residents in accordance with the procedures established by the Superintendent.

The operation and supervision of the food-service program is the responsibility of the current contract company, Sodexho Corporation, and the assistant superintendent. Food services will be operated on a self-supporting basis with revenue from students, staff, Federal reimbursement, and surplus food. The Board will assist the program by furnishing available space, initial major equipment, and utensils.

In accordance with Federal law, the assistant superintendent will take such actions as are necessary to obtain a minimum of two (2) food safety inspections per school year, which are conducted by the State or local governmental agency responsible for food safety inspections. The report of the most recent inspection will be posted in a publicly visible location, and a copy of the report will be available upon request.

A periodic review of the food-service accounts will be made by the Treasurer. Any surplus funds from the National School Lunch Program will be used to reduce the cost of the service to students or to purchase cafeteria equipment. Surplus funds from a-la-carte foods may accrue to the food service account.

The Superintendent will prepare administrative guidelines for the conduct of the school food-service program that will include provisions for:

 A.the maintenance of sanitary, neat premises free from fire and health hazards;

 B.the preparation and consumption of food;

 C.the purchase of foods and supplies in accordance with law;

 D.the accounting and disposition of food-service funds;

 E.the safekeeping and storage of food and food equipment;

 F.the maintenance and replacement of equipment.

No foods or beverages, other than those associated with the Corporation's food-service program, are to be sold during food-service hours. The Corporation will serve only nutritious food as determined by the Food Service Department and will not purchase with food service funds and will not serve in any food-service area during meal-serving hours: carbonated beverages, water ices, chewing gum, hard candy (including breath mints and cough drops), jellies and gums, marshmallow candies, fondant (creamy sugar candy), licorice, spun candy, and candy-coated popcorn. Foods and beverages unassociated with the food-service program may be vended subject to the limitations of State law in accordance with Board Policy 8540.

The Superintendent will ensure a wholesome, nutritious food-service program in the schools of the Corporation which reinforces the concepts taught in the classrooms.

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