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The School Corporation is committed to providing a safe environment for students. It seeks to prevent children from being exposed to pests and pesticides. While pesticides protect children from pests that may be found in the school and its surrounding grounds, under some circumstances they may pose a hazard to children. Therefore, pest control practices may involve a variety of chemical and non-chemical methods that are designed to control pests effectively while minimizing potential pesticide exposure.

The Corporation will:

 A.annually inform parents and staff members of the Corporationís pest control policy at the time of student registration by a separate memorandum or as a provision in the staff and/or student handbook;

 B.provide the name and phone number of the person to contact for information regarding pest control;

 C.maintain written record for ninety (90) days of any pesticide applications.

The Corporation may provide for training of school employees to become certified pest control applicators. Financial support for such training may be provided by the Corporation subject to budgetary constraints of the Corporation.

The Superintendent shall prepare administrative guidelines for the implementation of this policy.

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