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The School Board recognizes that the use of tobacco presents a health hazard which can have serious consequences both for the user and the nonuser and is, therefore, of concern to the Board.

For purposes of this policy, "use of tobacco" shall mean all uses of tobacco, including a cigar, cigarette, pipe, snuff, or any other matter or substance that contains tobacco, as well as electronic, "vapor," or other substitute forms of cigarettes.

In order to protect students and staff who choose not to use tobacco from an environment noxious to them, and because the Board cannot, even by indirection, condone the use of tobacco, the Board prohibits the use of tobacco by visitors in school buildings at all times. Such prohibition also applies on school grounds, on school buses, and at any school-related event.

Tobacco may be used at noncorporation special events held during nonschool hours with no students present and with the permission of the Superintendent. The special-events supervisor shall submit a written request and justification to permit smoking at the event. The Superintendent may deny permission.

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