School City of East Chicago
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board recognizes the advantages of centralized purchasing in that volume buying tends to maximize value for each dollar spent. The Board, therefore, encourages the administration to seek advantages in savings that may accrue to this Corporation through joint agreements for the purchase of supplies, equipment, or services with the governing body(ies) of other governmental units.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent and Treasurer to negotiate such joint purchase agreements for services, supplies, and equipment which may be determined to be required from time-to-time by the Board and which the Board may otherwise lawfully purchase for itself, with governmental contracting units as may be appropriate in accordance with State law, the policies of this Board, and the dictates of sound purchasing procedures.

S/He shall report all such negotiations to the Board and seek Board approval for all contemplated agreements.

Cooperative or joint purchases require an agreement approved by the Board and the participating contracting body(ies) which shall specify the categories of equipment and supplies to be purchased; the manner of advertising for bids and of awarding contracts; the method of payment by each participating party; and such other matters as may be deemed necessary to carry out the purposes of the agreement. Such agreements are subject to all legal bidding requirements.

The Superintendent is also authorized to submit to the State, prior to January 1st of each year, a listing of the major equipment items the Corporation anticipates purchasing in the next fiscal year for the purpose of participating in State-wide pricing contracts. Any items, subsequently purchased through such a pricing contract, must be a purchase contract between the vendor and this School Corporation and conducted in accordance with Indiana law.

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